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Work with LifeStone Mortgage Corporation and you’ll discover what it means to have someone go the extra mile. With the experience, know-how, and practical knowledge to help you navigate the world of mortgages, LifeStone Mortgage Corporation can find the match between your checklist and the best real-world solution for your needs.

It takes focus and a powerful eye for detail to provide quality for every client, time and time again. That’s exactly what LifeStone Mortgage Corporation aims to do—all with the professional, upbeat attitude that makes for an enjoyable experience. To talk with LifeStone Mortgage Corporation, dial (847) 994-3000.

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It begins with experience. The time-tested lessons that come with multiple years in the industry have helped fashion LifeStone Mortgage Corporation into a seasoned professional. There are simply too many things that you can’t learn in a book—and that’s why it helps to have a mortgage professional in your corner, advising you every step of the way. With years of learning, adapting, and building a strong reputation—not to mention plenty of happy clients— LifeStone Mortgage Corporation is ready to share that experience with you.

But it’s more than bullet points in the resume that make LifeStone Mortgage Corporation so special to work with. Clients enjoy the professionalism, the upbeat and friendly attitude, the willingness to go the extra mile. After all, this is essentially a people business. To succeed, you’ll need someone who understands the mindset it requires to find the best possible solution for clients. Working with LifeStone Mortgage Corporation, you’ll discover that not only does their experience matter—but the experience you have when you work together is paramount.

Working in the mortgage industry requires a strong, powerful presence and a willingness to be relentless in the pursuit of the right situation. With LifeStone Mortgage Corporation, you’ll know that you have a strong ally on your side. The process will be positive, focused, and always centered on reaching your specific goals. In the end, that’s what all of those years of experience add up to: learning how to take one client from Point A from Point B, even if there’s no roadmap to get started. Call (847) 994-3000 if you’re interested in working with LifeStone Mortgage Corporation today.

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Happy Clients

Happy Clients
Vito was wonderful to work with! He answered all of my questions, guided me through the lending process, and was prompt in getting back to me. O would highly recommend Vito to anyone looking to buy a home!
If not for Dominick, buying my first home at this time would not have been possible. I know nothing about buying a house nor getting a loan, Dominick was very patient with me explaining things and walking me through, he promised me that all will go well and he delivered. He is very smart and so detailed, you can easily tell he loves what he does , I am very certain that you will not regret giving him a chance to help you out.
Ife ‘Yomi
Dom was great. I got the lowest rate with the lowest closing costs. He stayed on top of the process to ensure a timely closing. Always responsive to all my calls and emails.
Casey was great to work with and was very attentive and quickly responded to all my inquires. He helped me move to deal forward and I would work with him again. Excellent Service!
Michele Sawicki

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